Management Plan Options

Realizing that every owner is different in terms of the Management Plan Options they are looking for, Your Guy Friday offers three distinctly different Plan options designed to maximize your income or minimize your participation—whichever works best for you. Please review the following Plan options, and know that if none of them is exactly the right fit, Your Guy Friday will customize something that is perfect for you!

The Basic

“The Basic” plan gives you, the owner, total control of your vacation rental program while satisfying all State requirements (making you “legal”) for an on-island, licensed contact person. For a monthly flat fee of $200, Your Guy Friday will be available virtually ‘round the clock for any emergencies or other needs that may arise with your guests. If service people need to be called, Your Guy Friday will select from a list of qualified sub-contractors to make necessary repairs in as short a time as possible, keeping your guests happy and assuring next year’s return visit. Once the work is completed, Your Guy Friday will make an on-site inspection before approving payment. As a convenience to you, the Owner, it is recommended that a local checking account be established with a $500 on-going balance so that bills can be paid promptly. A detailed statement will be provided at the end of each month.

In addition, contact information will be placed in the unit so that your guests may use Your Guy Friday as a mini-concierge service, providing information on where to go and what to see; dining opportunities; best beaches; golf and tennis; dry cleaners, hair salons, etc. For the low, low cost of $200/month, you have the peace of mind that your guests will have a quality experience here in Maui.


The Lazy Boy

Tired of all the paperwork? Your Guy Friday can make life much easier by paying all your monthly, quarterly, and annual bills related to the operation of the unit—including State GET and TAT filings, utility bills, Association dues and any other recurring costs. Again, an account would be set-up here locally that payments would be drawn from.

Best of all, with the “Lazy Boy Plan”, Your Guy Friday will co-ordinate with your booking calendar and schedule all cleaning service requirements during the month. Your Guy Friday uses only top-notch cleaners who take pride in their work and will give your check-ins that good first impression that’s so important. Once a unit is cleaned, Your Guy Friday will inspect the unit to ensure the job has been completed and everything is in order. If there is a lag time between check-outs and next check-in, Your Guy Friday will re-inspect the unit prior to check-in and advise if a touch-up clean is needed.

The “Lazy Boy Plan” gives you all this and everything included in the “Basic Plan” for the nominal flat rate of $400/month!


The Ultimate

If you prefer not to be involved at all, but still want to maximize your income through the use of vacation-rental-by-owner websites, this is the plan for you. Your Guy Friday will handle all booking requests, bookings, maintain a calendar, co-ordinate check-ins and check-outs, collect all monies, and send you a check at the end of the month along with a detailed accounting. In today’s economy, more and more people are shopping “by owner” websites than ever before, and many owners report higher occupancy rates and greater income from these sources than through management companies they have used in the past. Your Guy Friday will handle everything from start to finish, including setting up an initial website on—considered the industry standard—and submitting your site to other select “by owner” internet search sites that you would like to subscribe to (Your Guy Friday will provide you with a list, including corresponding costs).

“The Ultimate Plan” will, of course include all the services provided with “The Basic” and “The Lazy Boy” plans, for a monthly flat rate of $550 and 10% of your monthly gross income from rentals.

In addition to the three Plan Options, other services are available from Your Guy Friday, such as guest welcome baskets, shopping for food or replacement items, or anything else that comes up that will enhance your visitor’s experience. Additional services will be billed at $45/hr. and any purchases will be passed through at actual cost. Website building on or similar sites will be billed at $200 per site with standard photography; $375 with professional photography.

Below is a brief list of FAQ’s that may be helpful:

Is each Plan set in stone, or can we mix and match if necessary?

Absolutely. For instance, I have one client who is using the Basic Plan but has added cleaning co-ordination and oversight as well. Your Guy Friday will customize a plan to fit your needs.

If I send in an advance deposit to cover monthly and unexpected costs, will that money be co-mingled with others?

No. Each client will have their own separate bank account here on Maui.

Will you only use licensed contractors for repairs and other needs as they arise?

If that’s your preference, then “yes”. The State of Hawaii does allow for “handyman” repairs under $1,000 to be made by non-licensed workers. Your Guy Friday will only use competent people.

Can I customize my “Welcome Baskets” for specific guests—champagne for some, organic fruits and coffee for others?

Of course. You will only be billed at the hourly rate for shopping and putting the basket together, and pay my cost for items in the basket.

Whichever Plan I choose, does the “flat rate” apply regardless of how many or how few bookings I have during the month? What if I don’t have any bookings?

Yes, the flat rate will apply regardless of bookings. That’s why it is a “flat rate”, designed to average out over the course of a year, allow you to fix your costs, and guarantee steady cash-flow for Your Guy Friday. Once we have agreed to work together, a certain amount of time will be allotted for your account, whether it’s used or not.

If you match these rates up with what you’re paying your management company now, you will find them to be very competitive. More importantly, you will be working one-on-one with the hands-on person whose mission is to give your guests the best possible experience with their Maui vacation, so they come back to your unit year after year.



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